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5 Things you should probably know about getting into CQB

5 Things you should probably know about getting into CQB

You’ve probably seen numerous Youtube videos by now of people smashing it up and CQB (Close Quarter Battle) sites and want a slice of the action. Now if you’re coming across from regularly playing more open sites then your first experience is going to be a bit of a shocker. Not to worry, we’ve compiled some handy tips to set you on the road to becoming the next John Wick of CQB.

 Weapon Light

  1.        Be prepared for low light engagements

Most CQB sites are dark or have dark areas in them that your opposition will definitely be using to their advantage. You can overcome this particular problem by outfitting your weapon to be ready for such encounters. The obvious solution will be a weapon mounted torch. These things are dead handy for not only seeing your target so you can engage them but also you may also have the slight chance that it’ll stun them. Sometimes if you get the drop on someone their brain will take a second to react to this second sun that has now appeared in front of them giving you the edge. One thing to be aware of when using these handy sun sticks is illuminating your teammates. This generally happens when a group of you are moving through a corridor and the guy at the back turns on his torch. Not only will this give away everyone’s position to people looking down the corridor, but it will also project shadows down it which a clued-up enemy will spot. Letting him know that a bunch of juicy targets are currently stood out in the open waiting for quick burst. The other weapon mounted gadget you’ll find very handy is a red dot sight. Very few iron sights come with low light illuminators and a red dot is a great low-cost option to give you the ability to aim your weapon in the dark (yes I know very few of you actually “aim” your weapons but give it a shot, you’ll probably hit more targets!).



  1.        It’s fast

As any good instructor will tell you CQB is all about speed, aggression and surprise. Getting pinned down and not moving will (No surprise) get you absolutely nowhere leaving you and your team very frustrated. To get ahead in this game you will need to keep an unrelenting momentum to keep the enemy from occupying advantageous positions. The moment you lose it they will become more and more dug in causing some horrible “meat grinder” moments. Of course, a lot of this will come down to your physical fitness as the fitter you are the better you’ll be able to keep a clear head once the sweat starts dripping. That loss of concentration can lead to you missing key details like that human shaped shadow or foot sticking out from a doorway.

G3 AirsoftYes I have seen Hutch use this G3 in CQB and No he did not fit through doorways with it 

  1.        Weapon choice

Your choice of weapon in CQB can drastically affect your performance. Trying to clear rooms with a full length G3 will be more of a challenge than doing the same exercise with a weapon like an MP5. This isn’t to say you can’t, but you will have to adapt more to the environment which if you’re new is another hurdle to cross. Whereas in the woods range is generally king in CQB trigger response becomes the must have perk. AEG’s can be tuned to get this down as much as possible, but they will never beat a gas gun. The other benefit that gas gun users have in CQB is that you will be using a lot less ammo per “kill”. The drawbacks of using gas guns in the woods suddenly disappear once you move indoors. Shotguns also come into their element. Especially the TM gas and semi-automatic models with their ability to throw a cloud of BB’s into small areas.

  1.        Your movement and weapon manipulation

When you’re navigating the corridors of a CQB site you’ll want to keep in mind your stance. I’ve seen countless examples of players advancing down a corridor with their weapons pointed at floor! There’s a reason you always see professionals in the real world advancing with their weapons in their shoulder. It eliminates another second that it’ll take to bring that weapon onto the target. When you’re moving around corners or expecting a contact to come from a particular side it is well worth switching your weapon to the shoulder that will allow you to engage without having to poke out too far from cover. On the topic of cover don’t hug walls, take a step back long enough to get your weapon into your shoulder and then peek. All these little things are done to minimise how much of yourself you present to the enemy and reduce the time it takes to pull the trigger on an accurate shot. It might seem small and trivial, but it will put you higher on the food chain if you do it.

 CQB airsoft

The Pro Airsoft Gang ready for one last job...

  1.        How you might want to change your loadout

When out in the woods your pouch placement isn’t as important as it is indoors. You can get away with a 5 second reload while you fumble with your mags as the chances of the enemy assaulting you is very slim. That 5 seconds indoors will probably be the end of you though. A handy trick is have at least one magazine in a place where you can get it from the pouch to your magwell in seconds few. Once it has been used and you have a quiet moment, stick another fresh mag from one of your more secure pouches so it can be used again if need be. Any other specific equipment you may need to use in a hurry (grenades, radios) should be placed where you can operate them with one hand and without having to look at what you’re doing. Noticing a theme here? Yep it’s once again speed. Another thing to think about is that CQB is going to be a bit more painful than woodland. Decent face protection is highly recommended and think about any other “tender” areas you may want a bit more protection on.



So there we have it! Five nice and simple tips for you to follow into your first CQB game. If you want to expand your knowledge base a bit more hit the internets and have a gander at places like Haley Strategic, real world training videos and practical shooters. Good luck and remember: when the enemy messes up, give em the buckshot.


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